Moroccan Bath is not just about indulging in supreme luxury…It’s a way of life. Moroccan bath, known in Arabic simply as hammam is a tradition spread across the Middle East and is widely known as the must-do ritual for every woman. It is an enigmatic experience that will leave you feeling pure and revitalized. Moroccan Bath is an ultimate feel good experience. It is a journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The traditionally consuming ambience and the overall royal experience literally transgress you back in time, using numerous oils and aromas products use from Charme d’ Orient. The whole concept of Charme d’Orient brand is based on the centuries-old, most popular traditions of oriental hammam rituals. All the  products used are natural, chemical-free and eco-friendly.


Hammam ritual

This wonderful treatment helps eliminates toxins, which is functioned in a steam-filled room, with ritualized cleansing and purifying techniques it help relieves
tension and leaves the skin feeling re-born again, The texture of the skin will be visibly improved and a person will feel revitalized.
60 minutes

Special honey paradise

Honey Paradise Hammam Ritual with the application of luxurious and nourishing White Honey Mask which consists of natural honey and royal jelly. The nourishing and anti-ageing benefits of the two products are well known the skin will be left smooth, nourished and firmer.
90 minutes