nail-careGet your hands looking perfect for your power clutch and your feet lush for your Louboutins with our ranges of nail care treatments .
Eman has made having a manicure & Pedicures a way of life and with our indulging spa treatments that so many of you can enjoy every time you visit Eman Salon/Spa
Choose from our extensive collection of polishes from the Nubar range.
Not enough hours in the week for regular manicures? Try our Long & Strong Shellac gelish polish that will keep your nails looking gorgeous for three weeks. No chipping, no peeling and they soak off in only 15 minutes.
All our polishes are containing no traces of dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde or toluene. No chemical nastiest in our polish, thank you very much!
Not only that we set every standard and changed the face of the industry, we have kept our promise to ensure our team of experts deliver fast, ultra-hygienic and superior treatments every single time.

So ladies Stay Glamorous !